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Pre-Tribulation rapture.


Pre-Tribulation rapture.

Pre-Tribulation rapture.

In this audio talk about an audio made by Bryan Denlinger about the pre tribulation rapture. He goes through a lot of verses. I embedded them in this audio. Here is a link to his video that shows it all.

12 reasons why the rapture is before Jacobs trouble.

Reason number 1. The tribulation thing is not called the tribulation in the bible its called Jacobs trouble. Its not a bunch of white people claiming that they are jews, its the literal descendants of Shem.
Reason number 2. The antichrist stands in the rebuilt temple.
Reason number 3. The tribulation gospel is different than ours. Its faith + nothing now and its faith and works during Jacobs trouble.
Reason number 4: The rapture is said to be a mystery, that is also why I believe the pre tribulation rapture.
Reason number 5. No mention of resurrection of dead saints at Jesus second coming.
Reason number 6 that pretrib rapture is because there are blood redeemed gentiles in heaven before the 7 years time begins.
Reason number 7: Who is the bride of Christ.
Reason number 8: God always removes the righteous before gods wrath is poured out.
Reason number 9: Saved christians are not appointed to Gods wrath.
Reason number 10. Mt24 is doctrinally in the Old Testament.
Reason number 11. The trump of god is sounded at the rapture.
Reason number 12. The rapture will be pre tribulation because it is a purifying hope.


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