Global Fascism is only for unbelievers in Jesus Christ, Lord and Saviour.

Hello, Basically you find on the internet a lot of information about conspiracy, truth movement and global fascism coming with illuminati, big brother and war on humanity and zeitgeizt and new age and oneness and new world order and fascism and nazism and apocalypse and Georgia Guidestones and depopulation and corporations turning humanity into machines without feelings and matrix and stuff.

You find this on the internet and the future seems very bad. But I tell you that a lot of it is true. The future is very bad for a lot of people. In fact for all that dont believe on Jesus Christ. Those that believe on Jesus Christ will be caught up into heaven before hell breaks loose on earth with antichrist government and mark of the beast etc.

So the solution for you personally is to believe on Jesus Christ. By yourself a king james bible. By the large print text king james bible from cambridge university press. Read it every day. And listen to king james audio bible. Pray to Jesus Christ and believe in Jesus Christ and follow the instructions in the bible.

For the body of Christ there is nothing to fear. But for the unbelievers hell is coming their way. Eternal hell. But for those who believe in Jesus Christ eternal life.


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